Piano Action

Buying a Piano

  • Always try a piano (new or second-hand) before you buy it. Ask us to play or talk to one of our Yamaha trained technicians. Alternatively, ask your teacher, musician friends or a qualified piano technician to try it for you.
  • Do not buy a piano which has not been correctly prepared, regulated and tuned by the dealer.
  • Do not believe that you must buy new to buy well. High quality natural materials are used less and less on new pianos. A quality used piano will last for decades and save you thousands of dollars. A cheap new piano will never hold its value.
  • 'Bigger is better' generally applies to pianos. However, a fine upright piano can outperform a poorly made or small size grand piano.
  • Do not believe that there are any pianos which are made specifically for Australian conditions because the climate in Australia varies from region to region. Just think how different Melbourne weather is to the tropical climate of Queensland. A quality piano should be able to go around the world with you.
  • Do not buy a piano only by its name. Many pianos with German-sounding names do not have any association with German piano makers.