How to Look After Your Piano


Look after your piano and it will last for many decades

Caring for your piano

Your piano is one of the world’s finest quality instruments and is an important investment. To receive the highest return on your investment take common sense precautions.

  • Play your piano as often as possible, enjoy it, but treat it with love and respect.
  • Normal room temperatures are best for your piano.
  • Because of the adverse effects of excess moisture or dryness, keep your piano away from such sources.
  • Avoid placing it near a window or, if possible, even an exterior wall.
  • Avoid exposing the piano to direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can cause colour changes and possible finish deterioration.
  • Lid should be kept closed when the piano is not in use.

Care of the finish

Dust regularly and wipe the exterior with a damp cloth whenever necessary. Additional lustre may be added by occasionally polishing with a high grade cream polish. However excessive of wax polish will tend to cause a build-up of film. Spray cleaner polishes are not recommended because of possible damage to tuning pins, pin block, strings and action.


The keys of your piano may be cleaned with a damp cloth, wiping immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Cleaning the interior

Your piano will last longer and perform better if the interior is cleaned at periodic intervals. To avoid damage to the precision adjusted action parts, this cleaning should be done by a qualified piano technician.


Tuning is a highly technical operation, and should be performed by fully qualified piano technician. At Lyra Piano Shop, our piano technicians are members of the Piano Tuners & Technicians Guild and trained at the Yamaha Tuning Academy in Japan.

We recommend that your piano be turned and serviced every 12 months. Regular service by a qualified piano technician will ensure the continuing pleasure that comes only from a properly tuned and regulated piano.